The International Labels API supports creation of international shipping labels. Along with label and barcode creation in TIFF and PDF format, this API confirms product availability, calculates postage, and generates the required Shipping Services File in accordance with USPS Publication 199.

The International Labels API allows you to integrate USPS shipping label creation and postage payment fully into your customer-facing or internal fulfillment systems and processes.

Creating a USPS shipping label and barcode – the international labels API provides a USPS certified label and barcode that will ensure packages reach their destination and are readable by USPS scanners and package processing machines. 

Generating a USPS Shipping Services File – the Shipping Services File is an electronic pre-advice manifest that is required for shipping with the USPS – the international labels API takes the package characteristics provided in your request and creates the Shipping Services File on your behalf, ensuring adherence to USPS and customs compliance standards and will avoid penalties and fees related to non-compliance.